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Hurlburt’s Plumbing & Heating specializes in natural gas heating systems with over 60 years experience of the best of the best in quality workmanship and material.  No cutting corners! Natural gas heating systems are expertly installed by licensed contractors.

Take Advantage of Low Rate Financing for Energy Efficient Loans!

  • You qualify if you have paid your electric bill on time for the past 6 months
  • Your loan will be charged each month on your electric bill
  • Didn't pay your electric bill on time?  Ask about other 0% interest financing options that are available.

Let our heating contractors calculate the monthly savings from your oil to natural gas conversion.
With oil prices on the rise again, your new natural gas heating system may pay for itself over time!

Our professional heating contractors would like you to know that natural gas heating systems have many benefits.

  • No more oil truck deliveries, worrying about running out of oil during a blizzard or below freezing temperatures that could run the risk    of expensive damages due to frozen pipes. $$$
  • Natural gas produced in the USA means less dependency on foreign oil and gas delivery is immediate and consistent via underground pipes.  There is no need for oil storage tanks inside your home therefore you will have additional basement space. 
  • Natural gas heat is less expensive to maintain.  It is the “cleaner fuel” with fewer emissions (without soot or a lingering oil smell), burns hotter and efficient up to 97%.  SAVE MONEY!

Oil to Gas Boiler Conversions